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Commissioning Art Originals

Owning original artwork is an enjoyable experience. If you’ve searched my site and still haven’t found the perfect painting for your home consider commissioning me to create your distinct artwork specifically produced to compliment your unique tastes.


My art experience makes you the subject of truly original personalized artworks. It’s every woman’s dream to eternally capture her beauty and allure. His is to provide her with a memorable experience where he can participate in the creative process. Mine is to create beautiful art that you will enjoy for a lifetime.


Throughout the process, you are intimately involved with the creation of your own original heirloom artwork. We’ll work together to create beautiful imagery – starting with the photo shoot all the way through the final painting. Along the way, I’ll video the creative process so you’ll have a record of its creation. This is the evolution of commissioned heirloom art. Your experience can continue with a special unveiling of the artwork, perhaps a night out, a catered cocktail party, or I can join you for an unveiling in your area. We can include as many variables as you wish – or keep it simple. Either way, it’s all about the experience, spirit and energy of creation. The possibilities are endless.


Together, we can capture your beauty for eternity with the creation of your own heirloom artwork, all the while enjoying a unique, sensual, private and singular lifetime experience, specially created just for you.



  • Who or what is the work for? Is it for your home? Is it a gift?
  • Are there any constraints or special requirements? Think about dimensions of the work, the space where the work will go, the function of the work, any materials to be used?
  • What are you looking for? What kind of artwork do you like, do you prefer a particular style?
  • What is your budget? Does this include installation and delivery?


Creating a painting that we can all be proud of takes time. An original art creation can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on my existing commitments and the complexity of your artwork. Each painting will vary slightly in the steps taken from conception through completion, as each person, situation and circumstance is unique. Usually, I can give you a pretty good idea as to when an original artwork will be finished and delivered. If time is essential, let me know and I will take your due date into consideration.



The price for an original artwork will vary depending on the size, medium, and complexity of the piece. Please feel free to contact me to create your art.

I require a deposit of one-third with the second third due half way through the painting, and the balance due upon completion. Sales tax, shipping and handling (if applicable) are extra. In the event of cancellation on your part, deposits are non-refundable.

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Latest Work

Curious how I create my paintings? Watch my art-in-process videos and art slideshows for a look behind-the-scenes.

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