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I’ve been diligently working these past few months photographing my art, creating beautiful large digital files to produce the best limited-editions and collectables, and setting up the store area of my site. These last few day have been about creating my Facebook timeline and online store for my art and collectables. I’m excited to share with you here that I just launched it and I’m looking forward to your visits.



A.D. Cook Fine Art Store on Facebook

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If you ever wondered which came first, BACKDRAFT or MUSE, INDIAN SUMMER or NIRVANA, then wonder no more. I just launched my new Facebook page “Facebook/ADCookArtSales”, a chronology of my art over the last couple decades showcasing many of my favorite paintings in the order of their creation, from 1993 to current works. In browsing my archive of art you’ll notice that many are linked to my online store, while others are there to fill in the gaps of my creative timeline.

The timeline includes my motorcycle series from the late 1990s and my figurative works from the last decade. Along the way there are a few abstracts included for timeline reference and a few ‘special creations” mixed in.


Original art and limited Collector Series editions are now easily accessible from my Facebook timeline. Just scroll down to see my work figurative art, abstracts, motorcycle series, drawings and special creations.

18 videos are also included within my Facebook timeline to compliment the artworks and give you special insight to how my art is created. So, if you’ve ever wondered how BEAUJOLAIS was created then simply find that painting (timeline 2011) and the video is right there, so you can watch my creative process from photo shoot with my model to finished artwork.

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I’m excited to share my art with you. Just launched, my new Facebook timeline will bring you exciting offers before they are announced anywhere else, and sometime exclusive deals that will only be offered at A.D. Cook Fine Art Store on Facebook. Thanks again for your visits, “likes” and comments. They are always appreciated. Cheers and happy holidays!

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A.D. Cook Fine Art Store on Facebook

on Twitter at ADCookArt

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