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Most know me as a painter – an artist of beautifully created ladies on canvas and metal. Some know me for my large Hollywood murals, or my realistic motorcycle art. But beyond that, I’m a designer – and I have been forever. In reality, I’m a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer experienced in working with a plethora of clients on a variety of projects. Forever studying the art of design.

Over the span of my career I’ve worked on a lot of different kinds of projects utilizing a wide variety of talents – that’s one of the things I like most about this creative endeavor of art and design.

Sometimes it seems there is little that I haven’t done – although I’m sure there is plenty – and I’m always interested in learning something new, meeting new people, and discovering creative ways to communicate effectively.



I’m a multidisciplinary artist and designer experienced in working with clients on a variety of projects including corporate i.d., logos and branding, collateral, advertising, large graphics and internet design.



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GRAPHIC DESIGN: As artist and designer I offer a unique twist and added advantages for your design needs. Contact me for your corporate i.d., logos and branding, collateral, advertising, large graphics and internet design.

WEB DESIGN: I can work with your webmaster to create an overall look/feel for your web site, including providing all necessary web graphics. This web site, (and mirrored as is a good example of my web design skills. Variations of this domain have been live since 1996.

BODY ART: In many cases, as reflected in the “Body of Art” ad above, I can body paint your models and create any additional collateral design to compliment your painted models. More > The body art phenomena

ART: Original paintings on canvas and metal.

CREATIVE WRITING SERVICES: Visit the Blog section and Articles Pages of this site for examples of my writing styles.

SOCIAL MEDIA: I’ve been Blogging before Blogging was Blogging and social media has become a big part of that. I stay active in a variety of social media projects and manage several Twitter accounts including @ADCookArt, @AbstractArts @ADCookPhoto @AirbrushTour @ArtAfterDark @FineArtNude @CigarArt @HollywoodMurals and @WineArtNude — Visit my Social Media Directory page for more.

BLOGGING and PRESS/MEDIA: If you’re looking for press in Las Vegas (or elsewhere) I can attend your event and then create a powerful written and pictorial blog post, and along way create Twitter awareness. See examples in my Artist Blog section.


One of my specialties is logo & brand identity design. Over the years I’ve created several logos for a variety of clients – many you may recognize: Hollywood Video, Grape Vegas, Rome Security Services and others.

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A.D. Cook is an internationally recognized veteran artist whose career spans decades. He’s a self taught master, learning his craft at a very early age. He developed many different disciplines including drawing, painting and photography adding airbrush to his repertoire 35 years ago.

In the late 1980’s through the 90′s, A.D. was the early marketing force behind the fast-growing Hollywood Video stores (Hollywood Entertainment Corporation), based out of Portland, Oregon. He created their corporate identity and brand and designed the look-and-feel of the first stores while painting hundreds of large-scale murals of movie stars and celebrities. His successes with Hollywood Video led to a career as a marketing and art director for a number of other widely recognizable brands including PIAA, Crimson Trace Corporation and Iwata Medea.

Today, he has broad recognition as a pioneer in the airbrush world. His original paintings have been featured on the covers and in the pages of magazines, trade journals and books. He has taught art in workshops and colleges. A.D. Cook’s original paintings on canvas and metal are internationally recognized masterworks. He has exhibited his originals and reproductions in art galleries from coast-to-coast and well received at ArtExpo New York 2007. While a variety of art genres appear in his portfolio, figurative paintings are his specific focus and expertise. He’s been commissioned for a number of paintings for a discreet clientele.

A recent filming for a Playboy Chanel episode of their new series “King of Clubs” features A.D.’s body painting prowess. For the episode, he hand painted ten Palomino Club dancers. Each dancer carried a theme like “Daisy Duke” or “Dominatrix” then they were filmed “working” the club in their new body-paint. It was a record-breaking evening for attendance in the club’s recent history. Body painting has been one of A.D. Cook’s specialized talents since 1982.

Also an accomplished figurative photographer, A.D. has received numerous Showcase Awards.

Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, A.D finds inspiration in the flood of imagery and the stimulating pace that permeates the city.

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Consider me your art department.

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