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America. Feedom. Passion.


Motorcycle Art | Lifestyle Art

FREEDOM: It’s visceral. You know it in your heart. You know what it feels like to throw your leg over your bike and be one with the open road.

PASSION: We don’t ride because we can. We ride because we have to.

ART: My newest series, AMERICA FIRST, celebrates freedom through powerful art.


Inspire the rider within with “AMERICA”, my newest epic motorcycle artwork. Driven by desire for freedom and the open road, this super-sized painting showcases American pride and craftsmanship. AMERICA is the first from my new series AMERICA FIRST, which will showcase American motorcycles realistically painted in a patriotic theme.

My passion for motorcycles and the open road are expressed though my meticulously executed epic artworks. You’ll want to get your hands on this powerful art and ride.


AMERICA is the first from my new series appropriately titled “AMERICA FIRST“, a collection of powerful original motorcycle artworks celebrating America’s pride and freedom.


48″ x 60″

121.92 cm x 152.40 cm

Acrylic on canvas.

Private Collection, Tacoma, WA.

AMERICA First - A.D. Cook, motorcyle artist


collector acrylic art print
limited series of 50


Order now for a low edition number: XX/50

Acrylic Art Reproductions are state-of-the-art limited-editions — these are the hottest new look and technology in contemporary art. These creations of desire can be found hanging in the finest galleries and art destinations worldwide and deliver unbelievable resolution, clarity and vibrancy with incredible image quality.

Only fifty 48” x 60” acrylic art reproductions will be offered of each painting at its full size.

Acrylic Art Reproductions are created with an enhanced process that accounts for all variables relating to archival longevity and image quality.

These museum wall mounted artworks with floating recessed frame provide for a clean and contemporary
look and feel.

• Brilliant colors lasting over 120 years
• Incredible 3-D depth and dimensionality
• Unsurpassed detail and ability to hold highlights
• Superior shadow luminosity and detail
• Radiant glowing response under halogen lighting

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