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Ascendant. Reaching higher.


Art For Sale, Figurative Art

Ascending out of water and stone to a new world. ASCENDANT, my first figurative painting for 2012, features the beautiful art model Liz Ashley. We did a photo shoot in Las Vegas, NV in 2008 together. This is my third painting featuring Liz. Prior artworks: Luxe and Ardor.

ASCENDANT is about the beauty and symmetry of the ascension process from a world of water and stone to the next world. Encoded in the artwork are many alchemical references. Elements and dimensions point to the migration to a higher level – the next evolution of thought and form.

Model: Liz Ashley

• September 2012 – ModelsMania Magazine, The Artist and the Interview
Ascendant Video



36” x 60”

91.44 cm x 152.40 cm

Blue acrylic pearls on specially-prepared pearlized canvas.

Original Painting for Sale

Figurative Art Canvas Prints



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