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Breeze. The gentle wind.


Figurative Art

I’ve always loved the energy in this piece. BREEZE is all about power and energy – from the initial grinds in the metal to the painted torso to the hand scribed flowing hair, I knew this was a special piece.

One of my favorite things about this painting is her hair. It’s all scratched from the metal by hand which gives it a beautiful holographic effect as you pass by and as the light changes throughout the day.

My beautiful lady for this metal original is painted about life-size.

Model: Ariel

• September 2010 – Aqua Cabana Magazine – “The Relentless Pursuit of Beauty”
Breeze Video

Private Collection. Bloomington, IN.

“Your piece “The Breeze” is the most amazing piece in our house. People talk about it around here all the time.”

— Alora, collector


30″ x 60″

76.20 cm x 152.40 cm

Urethane on grinded metal.

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