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Motorcycle Art | Lifestyle Art

I came so close to being a pilot. I loved planes as a kid. When I was young, my dad’s friend took me up in a little two seat compact model with pontoons. We took off and landed from the river, and it was cool. I even took ground school, and passed with flying colors (no pun intended). I did drawings of a lot of airplanes in high school and was convinced that I was meant to fly. I even made a trip to an Air Force recruiting office. I thought maybe if I joined I could paint planes and be close to them. One thing might have lead to another and I would have learned to fly. They took a look at me and tried to recruit me as an MP. The recruiting video was terrible too – some guy a tank in three feet of snow.That didn’t look anything like flying. No thanks.

Anyway, I’ve still yet learned to fly, but I still love planes. One day, perhaps, I’ll learn to fly. In the meanwhile, I’ll just keep painting and flying in my mind.

DEPARTURE was a commissioned 3 ft. x 5 ft. painting on specially-prepared canvas. The owner of the plane wanted something special for his man-cave, which was a cool part of his hanger, and an original painting was the perfect fit. DEPARTURE was a real pleasure for me to create. We started with a photo shoot at Portland Hillsboro Airport (Hillsboro, Oregon) of his parked plane with engines running. Once I had what I needed from the shoot I began creating DEPARTURE to represent the Cessna 414 Chancellor aircraft as though it were in flight. I really enjoyed painting the majestic sky and powerful clouds in this painting, and of course, this freshly restored twin-engine aircraft provide beautiful inspiration.


36″ x 60″

91.44 cm x 152.40 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Private Collection, Portland, OR.

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