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The lady loves flowers – Lotus flowers anyway – and what they represent.

LOTUS is a story of transformation – turning life’s hard times and challenges into a thing of beauty, and the overcoming of obstacles that detour us from true happiness.

This artwork is new for me in many ways. LOTUS is the first figurative piece that I’ve created where my model/muse has a tattoo (but not my last). LOTUS is also the first in a new media combination of graphite on a beautiful heavy weight archival watercolor paper, resulting in a beautiful skin texture. When you look at LOTUS, think of her as life-size, so LOTUS shares a commonality with her sister paintings in size and scale.

A life-long passion for me, drawing is a thoroughly relaxing process for creating my new series of figurative works. Back to basics. Pencil. Paper. Music and a beautiful muse to inspire me. I’m looking forward to creating more original artworks in this style and genre.

Model: Robin


22″ x 30″

91.44 cm x 152.40 cm

Graphite drawing on 300# watercolor paper.

Skin & Bones Motorcycle and Art Show at Buffalo Chip 2016

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