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Marquee. Power in symmetry.


Art For Sale, Figurative Art

Power in symmetry. Bold and beautiful, this image has been in my mind on my “to paint” list for a couple years. I wanted to create a powerful and balanced painting that dominates her space. She is smooth and polished, yet with a texture of her own. Her fur coat is created with thousands of individual brush strokes entirely of pearl black, platinum and silver.

I started years ago as a canvas artist and migrated to painting on metal. With my pearl series I’m integrating what I love most about creating on metal into my canvas works. The interplay of light and color shifting techniques make this new pearl series truly unique.

Model: NevaehLleh

Marquee Video



60” x 48”

152.40 cm x 121.92 cm

Pearlized acrylic on specially-prepared canvas.

Original Painting for Sale

Figurative Art Canvas Prints


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