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Nexus. The power of connection.


Figurative Art

In a metal mood, I went on to create NEXUS, my second painting for 2011, in celebration of my 50th birthday. She embodies the energy of creation captured in a painting. She is a vortex – a force from which all things come into being. NEXUS shifts and dances in the light. Placing light on her in various ways completely changes her appearance. Walk past her and the grinds within the metal create a wave of energy seen through the figure. Her gloves are painted in an opaque pigment, hiding the grinds and creating a different illusion altogether.

Model: Laura

Nexus Video



30″ x 60″

76.2 cm x 152.4 cm

Urethane original painting on hand grinded metal.

Private Collection, Las Vegas, NV.

Figurative Art Original For Sale

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