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Solitaire. Set alone, she waits in patience.


Figurative Art


24” x 72”

60.96 cm x 182.88 cm

Acrylic on specially-prepared canvas.

Otherwise engaged, SOLITAIRE is the sister painting to NUANCE. Both are painted in the same black on specially-prepared slate-smooth canvas. Between her hair, jewelry, pillow and powerful legs I had plenty to work with. I especially enjoyed painting her hands, which are a favorite subject for me anyway. SOLITAIRE measures 72” across so my muse is painted just slightly smaller than life size.

Solitaire was created as special commissioned original painting for the beautiful lady featured in the artwork. Created as a monochromatic artwork in all blacks, she is 100% acrylic on specially-prepared canvas and cleared in a UV satin varnish.

Aqua Cabana Magazine – “The Relentless Pursuit of Beauty” – September 2010

Commissioned Painting.

Figurative Canvas Art Prints

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